Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Italy AAR

Well... I havent been blogging for some time now, time to jump right back into it! Ill be starting will a quick AAR for a game a friend and i had for the WWPD Italy campaign. My StuG company would be facing his Polish armoured platoon in Encounter. It was a good game and a had some great luck which is rare for me. We would be fighting in the Cassino sector, historically a based this board off of the terrain around the Cassino train station.


StuG Company (CV Grey wolf): 1650 (Representing elements of the Herman Goering StuG company)

Company HQ- StuG
3x platoons of 3 StuGs
Panzerwerfer Platoon- 3 Panzerwerfers with extra crew, Pak 40
Pioneer platoon- 5 Rifle teams, 2 flamethrower teams
Heavy AA platoon- 2 heer 88s with extra crew
Sporadic Stukas

Polish armoured company: 1650

Company HQ- 2 Sherman IIIs, 2 Sherman 105s
2x Sherman platoons- 3 Sherman IIIs, Firefly
2x full rifle platoons

Scenario: Encounter


The Polish armoured company has stumbled across elements of the Herman Goering StuG company near the train station outside of Cassino. The Poles would be attempting to secure the high ground and a wooded observation are on the hill while the germans were attempting to secure the rail line and also a wooded area on the Poles right flank. Liam would deploy a polish infantry platoon on each objective and his company HQ in the open smack dab in the middle, he held both armoured platoons in deployed and scattered reserves. I would deploy my panzerwerfers on the objective on my left flank, my 88s would deploy at the base of the hill on my right flank near the objective in the wooded area and a StuG platoon plus the company commander deployed in front of the 88s. I would hold 2 StuG platoons and the Pioneers in delayed reserves.

The Game:

The Poles would have the first turn, the company HQ would fire on my StuGs causing no damage. The 105s fired a bombardment and managed to catch my spotter, 88 and a StuG. The 88 would be killed but the StuG and observer weren't harmed. The last remaining 88 and StuGs would open up on the company HQ and wiped them out. This 88 claimed his first of 4 shermans this turn.

The armoured battle would go back and forth, Liam got his first sherman platoon on turn three and I got my first StuG platoon on turn 4. The shermans would come on in the middle and knock out my StuG platoon and then my newly arrived StuG platoon came on my right flank and combined fire between the 88 and StuGs destroyed his armoured platoon. His last armoured platoon came on behind the rail station and traded shots with my oncoming StuGs, I would get my next StuG platoon and Pioneers both on my right flank. I was able to overpower him with all these units, the StuGs would kill 3 shermans and a pioneer assault would capture the last bailed out Sherman. Combined Stuka strikes, Panzerwerfer strikes, StuG shots and a determined pioneer assault would destroy this infantry platoon and win the game.

Result: 5-2 Axis win

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