Saturday, August 6, 2011

The first of many... Hopefully

Hey everyone,

Ive decided i might as well get with the times and start up a blog. This blog will mainly focus on , Flames of war but other WW1/ WW2 games will sneak in as well from time to time as we also play a lot of Disposable heros- Coffin for seven brothers and a couple of WW1 skirmish games. Also expect the odd hockey post once in a blue moon.

Nothing too interesting to post yet, this first post will mainly focus on whats currently sitting on my painting table. This is only stuff i intend to paint in the near future (aka over the next year lol)

Painting table
4x 122mm Howitzers- Fully painted, awaiting basing
5x T-26 1939s- Fully painted, awaiting decals and clear coat
Russian Artillary HQ (Command team, staff team, 2x observers and assorted models)- Need to be primed
Rota Razvedki carrier platoon (3x carriers+crew)- Adding stowage to the carriers before priming
Finnish AAMG staff team- 2 models fully painted, Platoon commander primed.

Thats all for now, expect another post tomorrow.

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