Friday, August 12, 2011

T-26s from the 90th tank battlaion (20th heavy tank brigade)

Hey guys,

Finally got a decent update for you guys. Heres my first T-26 company, ive got another company of 5 in the works. One turret is undergoing field repairs, the gun has broken off 3 times now so im going to add a tarp or camo netting to the mantle just to give the gun some extra support, the gunner doesnt need to see what hes shooting at ;).

Ive tried to keep these models historical, hence the camo. During the Winter War the 20th tank brigade didnt receive orders to whitewash their tanks until mid December (the 13th iirc) and even then not all tanks were white washed. Therefore i decided to just add camo to the company command tanks, it started out as a plain white wash but i found this kinda boring and then i found a colour palate of a T-26 from the 90th tank brigade with a similar camo pattern.

Command tank close up

Overveiw Mk1

Overveiw Mk2       

Side Shot

Next update will feature my 122mm howitzers, just finishing up the command teams atm, they should be up in a few days.

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